With over 20 albums, 50 EPs, and 100 remixes under his belt, it’s fair to say Luke Vibert has contributed much to electronic music over the years.

From his first album, Weirs, released in 1993 on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label, through his body of work under the alias Wagon Christ; singles on Ninja Tune’s rap offshoot label Big Dada; jungle and drum and bass as Plug and numerous, electrifying forays into the different faces of acid, he’s both jack and master of all trades – his discography is enough to make even the most diligent of producers feel lazy.

Oh and there’s also a catalog of splendid disco-soaked records as Kerrier District and a collossal contribution to trip-hop and breakbeat – Vibert is a man who refuses to confine himself to one style. It was so hard to pick just five of our favourite Vibert tracks, but nonetheless, here they are.

Wagon Christ – EZ-Listener (1995)

Taken from arguably one of the best trip-hop albums of all times, Throbbing Pouch, this is vintage Wagon Christ. Beautiful, evocative and at the same time soothing – a timeless track.


Luke Vibert – Get Your Head Down (1996)

Taken from the Ninja Tune compilation Flexistentialism, this is an expression of love for hip-hop experimentalism, using filters, Wu-Tang samples, and jazz drums.


Luke Vibert – I Love Acid (2003)

The track that spawned a generation of ‘I Love Acid’ parties spanning a dozen countries, cities and festival stages, plus a vinyl only record label. Easy to see why it’s such a classic.


Luke Vibert - Chicago, Detroit, Redruth (2007)

One of a huge catalogue of Vibert tracks appearing on Planet Mu, this track is part of an album of the same name – one of his most varied LP’s. The album received mixed review, but we just love this track.


Kerrier District – Needy Feelin’ (2011)

Sampling Aurra’s ‘Such a Feeling’, this is a straight up funk bomb. Enough said!

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