Newer to the scene but not to be under-estimated, at just 23 years old Mall Grab came out of nowhere to become one of the most talked about artists of 2016. His lo- fi housey cuts, alongside his divisive, engaging online social media presence have brought this artist to the attention of many.

Mall Grab, real name Jordon Alexander, hails from Newcastle, a region located in Australia’s New South Wales state. His first experiences with music came through the records of his parents with The Cure, The Clash and Talking Heads all amongst his major musical influences.

By the time his debut release landed in May 2015 he had developed a deeper, raw edged sound. His four-track EP of late-night grooves, titled ‘Feel U’ was dropped via Collect-Call, a Canadian imprint which also made his debut with this first release. The record became an instant hit, selling out it’s limited run and now shifting on Discogs for prices of £100 upward.

Since then he has explored different sounds - we take a look at our favourite Mall Grab productions.


2 Be Reel

Mall Grab reaches for a classic bit of disco funk to sample and filter mercilessly. Released only last month via House Crime Records.



Not much is actually known about this track. It has been floating around on various different social media platforms for a good year. Either way, it’s a solid groove!



Mall Grab kicked off the first vinyl release from the newly formed label Shall Not Fade with Happiness. Available on both digital and vinyl.


Feel U

The debut EP from Mall Grab which was released on Collect-Call records in Summer 2015. One for the history books, a timeless dubplate structured for the dancefloor and the catalyst for future releases by the Australian.


Can't (Get U Outta My Mind)

Released on London’s Church on marble printed vinyl, ‘Can’t’ stands as Mall Grabs most successful release to date. With over a million plays on YouTube this one has proved an obviously popular cut.


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