Okay, we’ll be the first to admit, January can be a bit naff. Everybody is skint, the weather is depressing and going clubbing just seems like the last thing on everybody’s mind despite your protests. There’s a reason why lots of club opt for a refurb in January and why lots of promoters go into hibernation. So, if that’s off the agenda, we take a look at some ulterior options to help starve-off the January Blues.

Disco Yoga at Prince of Peckham – Wed 24th & 31st Jan, Feb 7th Feb

January can be a battlefield. A battle to find motivation after a few weeks off. A battle to stay healthy despite the house still being filled with junk. And even going to the gym can be a battle itself – just to get on equipment, let alone actually lose weight! But fear not, there are alternatives out there. Don your sequins and spandex, and throw about some glitter with yoga classes accompanied by a disco soundtrack. Exercise releases happy endorphins, which contribute to a natural high! Also, time out exercising means time out of the fridge – take the positives in everything! You can even treat yourself to a post-workout smoothie. So groove your way to a happy humpday with Disco Yoga. Bend It Like Peckham!


Basement Gallery’s Burn’s Night Supperclub – Fri 26th Jan

Some hae meat and canna eat, -- And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit. Located in Walhamstow,Chef Alex & his Basement Gallery team invite you to celebrate Scotland’s most lauded poet, Robert Burns inside a decommissioned tube carriage. The three-courses & nibbles comprise of winter warmers – and, of course, they’ll be haggis! All dietary requirements can be catered for. There’s two-sittings from which to choose from: 6pm for the earlybirds and 8:30pm. The tradition from the other side of Hadrian’s Wall is a nice late January excuse to indulge in food and drink after an often abstinent period, all in the name of the Bard of Ayrshire.


Basement Gallery Live Jazz Supperclub – Sat 27th Jan

If poetry isn’t you bag, then maybe Basement Gallery can tempt you with a spot of jazz instead? Haggis will still be on the menu, but this time expect things to go a bit more uptempo, more frenzied, with a pinch of improv and plenty of brass! A bit more, well, jazzy! A three-piece will see you through your sitting with a charismatic performance that’ll leave you breathless.

Fat Tuesday’s London Mardi Gras Party – Fri 23rd-Sat 24th Feb

Much like our television and cuisine, America has taken the relatively humble tradition of Shrove Tuesday and SUPERSIZED it! Now they’re exporting it back – and whilst indulgence is still at its core, it’s altogether more flamboyant and, dare we say, decadent! Coming via New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the carnival to end all carnivals. Fat Tuesdays host 23rd-24th February at The Vaults, Waterloo during their 2018 Vaults Festival. Expect cocktails galore, face-painting and lots of interactive fun. Getting involved is highly encouraged! Performance collective Shotgun Carousel provide the larks and there is also a set from Blues band Slow Mojo.

Tickets for all of the above are on sale now.

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