The latest craze sweeping the capital is now hitting the road and heading out on tour. For those of you in the dark, where have you been hiding?! Let us fill you in. UKG Brunch merges several of life’s finest things: UK Garage, bucket-loads of fried chicken, rum punch on tap and a hefty dose of 90’s nostalgia.

Opening at midday and running until the early evening the brunch will be a celebratory mix of dining, dancing and old school playground games we remember from back-in-the-day. Guests are seated at long banqueting tables, where mountains of bangin’ free-range fried chicken is dished out to a classic Garage soundtrack. As if that isn’t appetising enough, the expertly fried, crisp-skinned wings and thighs will be bottomless, as will the rum punch and brandy & cokes (well, for a specified 90-minute period). If you can find room, there’s even dessert in the form of home-cooked doughnuts and chocolate brownies! And let’s face it, you’re gonna need all the energy you can muster to cut some serious shapes on the dancefloor afterwards.

Expect dance-offs, MC battles and mix tape giveaways, plus a fully choreographed stage alongside lots of other surprises on the day we’ll keep tight-lipped about. You’ll just have to come to experience it for yourself.

Keeping things strictly 90s, dig out your old gladrags that fashion has forgotten about. Versace belts and Moschino jeans encouraged!

Things start-off on homesoil on 17th March at Proud Embankment, but other stops around the country include Switch Southampton on 14th April with DJ Luck & MC Neat and Canal Mills Leeds on 28th April with Artful Dodger.

The 7th April date at Proud Camden with So Solid Cru’s Romeo & Twin MC is already sold out! 

Get ready to raise your gun fingers…

UKG Brunch: Is it, Is it, wicked? Yeah, pretty much.

Tickets are on sale now.

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