So often, it seems to be the case that London is licking its wounds, lamenting the loss of another event space as the nightlife sector comes under siege from more development, overzealous authorities and licensing legislation. That’s why we think it’s important to shout from the rooftops when something good comes along. Enter: The Cause at Tottenham.

With Shoreditch long since lost to scenesters, Dalston set to the follow suit and Hackney council determined to throw obstacle after obstacle at late-night businesses, the city has been on the lookout for the next destination. Though few could have predicted it would be in north, Tottenham is thriving and The Cause is at the centre of this period of bloom. Not just a nightclub, but a community project with a heart. One that encourages creativity, entrepreneurial qualities and strong neighbourly links. One that looks to give back to the area, by investing in youth and with ties of both local and national charities. Not only is The Cause conscientious and sustainable in nature, but the fact that it is finite - with an end date already known - means that its stakeholders are pouring as much enthusiasm as possible into the project whilst they still can.


About the venue

Located in an ex-mechanics garage at Ashley House Depot and easily accessible from Tottenham Hale tube station, The Cause is an outreach collaboration between London Loft Party and Grow. Their vision was simple: create a temporary, multi-functional DIY art and event space. During the week, an ambitious mixture of pop-ups and start-ups reside in the various units, including barbers, BBQ street food vendors, tattooists and even dog trainers. Come the weekend, these new business are replaced with internationally renowned DJs from the world of electronic music and hordes of revellers.

To underline how much emphasis is put on community spirit, the venue’s stakeholders get really hands-on. The solid concrete DJ booth is the handiwork of creative director Eugene Wild. Surrounded by a metal mesh cage, the aesthetic has definitely taken inspiration from Berlin’s much heralded night time economy landscape. Meanwhile the soundsystem is labour or love custom-designed by independent London-based audio company, Core. Even the bar is made from reclaimed timber and recycled steel, assembled by community volunteers.


What to expect

With a 5am license on both Fridays and Saturdays, the Cause feels like a welcome reprieve that London so dearly needed. This has allowed the club to book some of underground dance music’s most exciting talent. Most recently it has played host to Francesca Del Garda and Voigtmann. Officially, the capacity stands at 400. But with the outdoor area and ajoining units, the total stands at closer to 600. The venue has also been an advocate of the chill-out room. Seldom seen in the city anymore, the chill out room has been reintroduced to London as a safe haven for those looking to level-out after over-indulging or as merely an escape away from the often volatile dancefloor. Let’s hope other clubs take note.

Having opened in mid-April, you only have until August next year to experience The Cause, and we can’t recommend Unbound featuring Ilian Tape affiliate Skee Mask on Saturday 1st December enough. The event is already proving popular, with the first three tiers sold out, so don’t delay in claiming those cherished final release.

Last remaining tickets are on sale now. 

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