On Friday 30th November, Joris Voorn touches down in London, bringing his Spectrum showcase to E1. Alongside Eagles & Butterflies, another of his guests that night will be French house supremo Agoria.

Due to its high-concept, electronic music is no stranger to themes of dystopic wastelands and existential quandaries. Recently at ade, Agoria sat down with Mixmag to discuss the music conference, but the conversation soon veered in an unexpected direction.

No doubt influenced by the late Stephen Hawkin’s cautionary remarks about AI, Elon Musk’s recent assertion that we are living in a Matrix-like virtual simulation - and the fact he is a self-confessed sci-fi nerd - Agoria expressed his own concerns about the exponential nature of technological advancement and mankind’s increasing dependency on it.

As it happens, Sonar festival were asking their own questions about the future of humanity. In 2017, they began a programme to broadcast electronic music to the furthest realms of our galaxy in a bid to make extraterrestrial contact. It was this exciting initiative, coupled with Agoria discussing his fears in a forum with science boffins, that triggered a conversation about AI remixing his music. Though we are still awaiting a reply back from intelligent life, Agoria has submitted his computer remix work to the project. The truth remains out there.

Watch Mixmag's interview 'Outside The Booth: Agoria at ADE' here

Strange to think that alien life may be listening in to Agoria’s material. We think that’s pretty cool. Fortunately, you won’t need to pass your astronaut training and plan a visit to deep space to hear his futuristic soundscapes. The Sapiens boss will be transporting attendees to the unknown in E1 this coming Friday.

Check-out the video from his latest track Embrace:

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