Maayan Nidam is preparing to drop new LP Sea of Three on Perlon at the end of the month. The release will be the Berlin-based artist’s first forage into album territory for six years; the successor to New Moon.

Nidam is no stranger to Perlon, having released Deep Under Sobreity Regime10 in 2016 after first releasing on the minimal label back in 2009.

Watch the accompanying video for the LP’s opening track Dust and Dirt below. In homage to her adopted hometown, it depicts locations in and around Berlin. Nidam is said to have chosen places that inspire her, with several found on her daily route from her apartment to the studio. Those familiar with the city, see if you can spot any? Somewhat bizarrely, the club scenes are filmed away from Berlin - and even outside of Germany. Footage was used from her recent gig at Concrete in Paris.

You can preview all eight cuts below:

Nidam swaps the industrial European inner cities for the beaches of southern Vietnam at the turn of the year, as she plays the third edition of Epizode festival. Taking place at the idyllic islet of Phu Quoc from Friday 28th December 2018 to Tuesday 8th January 2019, the Israeli-born producer lines up alongside Peggy Gou, Sonja Moonear and Giorgia Angiulli.

5th release multi-pass tickets are available now.

Sea of Three is scheduled for release on 23rd November.

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