With roots in Drum n Bass and well know in that scene we caught up with Danism, who are paving a new direction for themselves in house music.

What’s the story behind Danism? How did it come together?

We both had been working on individual projects for a while before we started working together Dan Smith as ‘Liquid People’, and Dan Gresham as ‘Nu:Tone’.  We met through a mutual friend in 2002 and started working together soon after that.

Tell us a bit about your studio work routine?

Dan Nu:Tone is pretty full on with his Drum & Bass workload, so we are only in the studio a few times a month.  It focuses the mind though, and keeps us on task!  Dan Smith will do the studio prep work as far as samples and ideas go, and then the Gresham is the engineer in the duo.

How would you describe the sound you produce and can tell us something about your main influences?

I guess it’s a combination of our musical histories, but we also have a shared love of disco, funk and soul.  Basically, anything with a bit of emotion in it. Dan Smith’s background in classic house and Dan Nu:Tone’s experience producing Drum & Bass mean we always have a diverse range of influences in each track.

Have you got any new releases coming up?

We’ve got a track called ‘Fly Away’ coming out on Noir Music over Christmas.  We’ve been lucky enough to get another vocal from Arnold Jarvis for this one. 

Have you got any New Year’s resolutions regarding your DJ career?

Everything in moderation.