Chin-chin! ‘Tis the season to be merry! *Hic* We’ll soon be raising a glass and knockin’ them back like it’s going out of fashion! So it’s timely that a dedicated Prosecco festival is arriving in the capital before the festive run-in. ProseccoFest lands at East London’s Tobacco Dock event space on 16th-17th December 2017.

They will be 20+ stalls each with their own unique take on what is fast-becoming Britain’s favourite tipple. A whole host of new Prosecco flavours will be showcased, including blush and rosé varieties. As well as a titillating range Prosecco, there will also be Demi-Sec, Cava, Asti and Brut options – so whatever your fizz persuasion, they have you covered! Not forgetting a salivating array of street food carefully selected to compliment the drinks on offer.

But don’t go in blind! Impress your friends with your Prosecco knowledge! We’ve compiled a handful of facts for you to brush-up on so you come across a true Prosecco connoisseur:

- Whilst it is more than possible to have a mutual admiration of both, never confuse Prosecco for a form of champagne.  It’s the ultimate sparkling wine faux pas! You’ll have the buffs and the snobs looking down their nose at you!

- Champagne is famously of French origin, but Prosecco is of Italian descent. If you want to be more specific, the Prosecco region is in North East Italy – near Venice & Verona.

- Prosecco derives from the Glera variety of grape. This variety can and does grow elsewhere in the world. But only bubbly made from Glera in the Prosecco region can officially be considered Prosecco.

- Prosecco is meant to cleanse the palate, prior to your evening meal. It symbolises the shift from day to night. As opposed to champagne, which is designed for consumption during and after dinner.

- Also, while champagne is carbonated by the bottle, bubbles are added to vats of Prosecco en masse. A much less time consuming but more cost-effective method – so now you can begin to understand the gulf in price!

- Unlike other sparkling wines, Prosecco does not benefit from aging. So if you have a good bottle, there’s no point sitting on it – drink it at the earliest available opportunity! That said, you shouldn’t necessarily discount it if you happen to stumble upon an old bottle. There’s only one way to truly know…

Now you’re an expert, there’s only one thing for it – get your Patsy & Eddie on Ab-Fab style! Next stop: Prosseco Fest.

Some of the key brands people can expect to taste on the day include Da Luca, Bottega & Parini. There will also be Laurent Perrier, Bouche Pere et Fils and Veuve Clicquot on the champers front!

All tickets include a branded Prosecco glass on arrival.

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