Weekly line-ups will not be announced. Here’s why.

It’s that time of year again when the cages are about to be opened and both performer and punter let loose amidst San Antonio’s Benimussa Hills for one of the weirdest and wildest celebrations Ibiza has to offer. Zoo Project is back.

If you’re not familiar with this particular shindig you’re in for a treat. Known for encouraging wacky costuming and body paint of the animal kingdom with more than a touch (read: bucketloads) of glitter, Zoo is a celebration of the eccentric like no other. Its many-staged open-air grounds are riddled with the unexpected – from bananas you can make music with, poachers with giant butterfly nets (no one is safe), outdoor Nintendo 64 sessions, umbrellas in the sky, tigers in the trees and probably some giant pandas.

When you ask most promoters the most important components of a brilliant party, the answers tend to roll in almost identical – nice people, great music and a decent sound system. Zoo’s people went one further for us…

“Freedom and fun are the most important, that is what the Ibiza spirit is all about: hedonism, and all getting on the same level. People’s differences are forgotten and everyone becomes friends on the dance floor. The silliness that goes on at Zoo removes a whole lot of the pretension that can often occur around electronic music.”

“That being said, we're nothing but serious about our music policy and it forms the cornerstone of our identity.”

No one could argue that. In the last few years, Zoo has quickly built a sterling reputation from its music policy, focusing on house of the highest order from up and comers and established heroes alike. Only last summer awesome sorts like Hunee, Maribou State, Spencer Parker, George Fitz, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Ralph Lawson and Pedestrian crossed its fabulously decorated stages (beats in the arctic seal pit anyone? Hi hats in the tree house perhaps?). Zoo is unafraid to book names of quality you’ve yet to hear but still has the power to pull the heavyweights – not that they’ll be flaunting it this summer…

“It feels like everyone in Ibiza is competing and putting on bigger and bigger line ups just to try and outdo each other, rather than programming a line up that flows well and works with the rhythm of the party.By not announcing the artists in advance this summer, we're taking a side step and removing ourselves from that whole game.”

“We'll still be putting on as strong a line up as we always have done, with plenty of familiar faces, and a sprinkling of new talent that we're sure are going to be huge... but people will just find out who's playing when they arrive.”

The finally cherry on top of the Zoo experience is of course its diversity. No staking your dance floor position and standing glued for five hours of tech house. A sunny afternoon-into-evening at the Zoo Project might include a dip in the pool, an outdoor BBQ, a massage, meditation sesh, live music and of course a solid rave on its multiple DJ led dance floors.

“We're all excited about the direction the Mandala Garden (Zoo’s surprisingly vibrant chillout stage) has taken. What started off as a little side arena has grown into a huge part of our weekly festival, with reiki, massage therapists, tarot readers, meditation, drum circles, and experimental live music.”

Zoo Project opens on Saturday July 4th and runs weekly until September 24.

Jordan Rahlia